Canadian Women & Sport is dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women—as active participants and leaders—within and through sport. With a focus on systemic change, we partner with sport organizations, governments, and leaders to challenge the status quo and build better sport through gender equity.  

Femmes et sport au Canada se consacre à la création d’un système canadien de sport et d’activité physique qui valorise les filles et les femmes — en tant que participantes actives et chefs de file — avec et à travers le sport. En mettant l’accent sur un changement systémique, nous nous associons avec les organismes sportifs, les gouvernements et les chefs de file pour remettre en question le statu quo et améliorer le sport grâce à l’égalité des sexes. 

The Gender Equity Playbook (The Playbook) is for sport leaders who want to make their sport more inclusive but may be overwhelmed by where to start. It begins with a collaborative review and assessment of organizational policies, programs, and practices through a gender equity lens. The Playbook then places sport leaders in control with a manageable process outlining key steps to create more inclusive sport.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  

 How does it work? 

  • Canadian Women & Sport and the Government of Canada are partnering to provide 50 provincial/territorial sport and/or disability sport organizations in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia with access to this program.  

As part of The Playbook participating organizations will:  

  • Complete gender equity training to help equip their teams with the knowledge and skills needed to act.  
  • Participate in a collaborative review and assessment of organization policies, programs, and practices with a gender equity lens.  
  • Build a comprehensive action plan to support organizations in taking key steps to create more inclusive sport.  
  • Receive a $1000 honorarium to support engagement in this program.  

Who is it for?  

  • Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations and/or Disability Sport Organization in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia who are ready to take key steps toward gender equity.   
  • Organizations with the time, resources, and motivation to complete independent and collaborative systems change work over a period of four months.  
Canadian Women & Sport